The Ins and Outs of

2D gel Image Analysis Software

PDQuest, Image Master and Progenesis

15th of April 2002, 13hr-17hr,

at Plant Research International, building 107, Wageningen

Dear members of the Proteomics Platform,

As was already announced in a previous mail, we are organising a Spring Workshop for the Platform members. This Workshop will be held on 15th of April 2002, at Plant Research International in Wageningen, starting at 13hr. (you find a route description for building 107 on: http://www.p

We have decided to organise a workshop dedicated to the topic of 2D gel Image analysis software. We are very pleased to announce that we have found John Randall, software developer at BioRad, USA and Ian Sanders, Development Manager at Amersham Bioscience willing to present the "Ins and Outs of PDQuest, Image Master and Progenesis."

We aim for two presentations, each about 1hr. , followed by a more interactive discussion session, where you will have the opportunity to ask your specific questions about analysis strategy, problems, bugs, improvements, ... etc.

You are requested to register for this workshop before 8th of April, by sending an e-mail to "".

There will be no entrance fee, however we request that you are member of the NVBMB, or will become member as result of visiting our workshop. For information on NVBMB and to become a member, please visit ties/nvbmb/defaultNVBMB.html Membership fee of the NVBMB is currently EUR16 a year. This will be accounted by the NVBMB.

Please feel free to send your specific questions about analysis strategy, problems, bugs, improvements, ... etc. with your registration e-mail. If possible we will make an overview and send it to the lecturers in advance. So that they can prepare some answers or examples. Furthermore, please prepare and bring sheats of examples of a specific topic that you would like to have discussed in the workshop.